The Root of Making Good Decisions

There are lots of different formal and informal approaches to making decisions. But at the end of the day making a good decision comes down to one thing: Knowing the fundamental governing principles of the area. Usually there is just one.

For example, as I posted earlier today, with the economic policy of a nation, the governing principle is to maximize people’s freedom to the greatest extent while preserving the rule of law. In deciding where to work, the guiding principle is: where can I have the greatest impact with the gifts I’ve been given? In managing an organization, the guiding principle is to make employees’ strengths productive for the performance of the organization while minimizing weaknesses.

Once you understand the governing principles of an area, most decisions fall into line. More on this in the days and months to come.

  • Gary Steward

    Hi Matt,

    Have you read Sowell’s Knowledge and Decision Making? Just wondering. I look forward to reading your blog!


  • admin


    I haven’t read Sowell’s Knowledge and Decisions yet, but do have it and am looking forward to it. When I get to it, I’ll have to do some blog posts on it.