Why doesn't anyone campaign on what we should stop doing?

When a person makes something complicated, it’s usually a sign that they don’t know what they’re doing.

I was reading more on Obama’s tax plan the other day, and it’s complicated.


Because they think the government needs to be doing more.

But why would we think that way? It’s like always letting your lawn grow, and never mowing it.

The government does not need to be doing more. It needs to be doing less. It should spend the next four years getting rid of things, not adding things.

Why doesn’t anyone campaign on what we should stop doing?

Why aren’t there more bills proposed for the sake of getting rid of laws and policies rather than adding new ones, as though more is always better and “doing something” is defined by how much you can add to a gargantuan pile of tangled policy?

And then when it comes to taxes, they can be left alone or simplified, allowing millions to keep more of their own money. And the result will actually be more effective.

Let the millions of creative, innovative, hard working individuals and companies in this nation keep more of their money, and there will be a much better “return” on that money for the nation as a whole than if we take it away and put it into an already overly complicated government system.

That’s fair — and simple.

  • Eric

    What’s your take on a flat tax? Is that what you are inferring when you write about a simplified tax code?

  • admin

    I think a flat tax would be really good, but I don’t think it’s the only way. It would probably be the ideal, but I would be satisfied to simply see major steps taken towards simplicity even if they are short of a flat tax.

    And most important right now is that taxes not be raised and new complexities not be brought in.

  • Aaron

    Man! You should run for office.