Way to Go, Kurt Warner

As a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, Kurt Warner’s alma mater, I’ll be rooting for Warner in Super Bowl XLIII this Sunday when the Arizona Cardinals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think I started the year after he graduated.

I am even more impressed by Kurt off the field than on the field. Here’s a good article about Warner I enjoyed recently: Good Deeds are Warner’s Focus. Here’s a few more from his website as well.

  • Penny Husted-Gamm

    We’re definitely rooting for the Cards! We lived just outside of St. Louis when Kurt took them to the Super Bowl and won, and we fully expect a repeat here! I was lucky at UNI to be able to watch him and Kenny Shedd; it was exciting football!

  • http://www.pastorbrett.com Brett Maragni

    Thanks, Matt, for the link. I didn’t realize my story on Kurt had found it’s way to his website. Cool. Great blog, by the way, I subscribe and read it regularly.