• http://braintags.com/ Jeroen Sangers

    This would never work in Spain :-)

  • http://dinghome.net Evers Ding

    Perhaps this kind of parking space allocation is what Nancy Pelosi had in mind when he said having fewer kids would save us money (and parking spaces).

    That said, as a father of five young children, I’m totally on-board. =-)

  • Jenni

    I agree! Carrying a carseat with a seventeen pound baby into a store is way harder than walking in 9 mos. pregnant. I’ve even parked in the expectant moms parking spots once or twice when I was desperate and had to lug the carseat into the store on an icy day!

  • caryl

    oh yes, let’s just perpetuate the ‘I’m special and everyone should bow down and for God’s sake help me’ feeling that is already taken over America…leave the kids at home if they can’t walk 1 block. Women used to work all day with a kid tied onto their backs and then they didn’t need to go to the gym or have Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or anyone else to help them with their very sad weight problem. Come on let’s walk a couple extra steps!!

  • Amanda Robbie

    We have these in most supermarket carparks in the UK. And they can be very useful if you’re trying to battle a baby and a toddler into a shop. But sadly, sin gets in the way and they are also used by lazy people who don’t want to have to walk far into the shop and by people who are precious about their cars and want to have extra wide spaces so their doors stay pristine.

  • Corey

    My apartment complex in the US is getting requests for this kind of parking. NO WAY! What exactly is “Family Friendly” anyway – because you are closer to the door? So me being single, I get the “unfriendly” parking spots, or being gay and having no kids I get the “un-gay-friendly-becuase-you’re-not-a-real-family spots?”

    If you have trouble carting your kids around, well, sorry, no one forced you to have kids – deal with it!

    How about a “Single person because it’s raining and I wear expensive clothes friendly” parking!