The Extent of Information Overload

This is incredible. From the Columbia Journalism Review. Keep in mind that an exabyte is actually two levels past a terabyte.

In 2006, the world produced 161 “exabytes” of digital information—3 million times the amount of information contained in all the books ever written.  Next year, the world will produced 988 exabytes of data.  (Columbia Journalism Review).

  • Anthony Rochester

    Does that include email and other interpersonal communication?
    What if the figure for “all the book ever written” included letters that people wrote to each other, and conversations that people had?

  • Hugh

    I wonder how much of that is made up of digital photographs. A picture is worth a thousand KB…

  • Matt

    From the further detail that the Wikipedia entry gives, I get the impression it does include email. It sounds like when audio is involved (and I would think by extension, pictures), they are probably counting what it takes to store it in that form, rather than figuring the bytes as if it were text. Still, this is a ton.