The Best Way to Eat an Oreo Cookie

I commend to you the best, most flavorful way to eat an Oreo cookie: Hold it under water for about 8 seconds. This makes it way better.

Update: Yes, this is definitely an unconventional method. Some of you may want to slot this under “what’s not best.” But if you give it a try, you might be surprised!

  • Aaron Mayfield

    Wow. Hmm. Weird? But I’ll try it!

    Seriously though, better than holding it in a glass of milk for 8 seconds?

  • Matt

    I like it better than holding it in milk. Although I realize many may prefer otherwise!

  • Matthew Molesky

    That’s just wrong. I mean, one of the implications of the Fall kind of wrong, that you would even contemplate anything but holding that puppy in anything but milk for 8 seconds. Please, turn from the dark side and into the light my friend.

  • Chris

    I have found a great method for those of you would like milk more than water. (This only works with double-stuffed oreos by the way.)
    Take a fork and gently insert it into the cream layer. Then you can dunk the oreo completely into the milk without getting milk fingers and without dropping the oreo to the bottom of the glass. Enjoy!

  • Brett

    I can probably come up with 2 million things I would rather do than stick an Oreo in/under water and then eat it.

    Oreos and milk. The ONLY combo.

  • Aaron Mayfield


    Great suggestion, but really, who minds milk fingers??

    I love the conversation guys, I can’t wait to get home and introduce my two year old to milk (and water?) dunked oreos!

  • Jon


    Your food oddities never cease to amaze (and amuse) me.

    I’m with the milk guys!

  • Josh S

    I’m glad to see your personality coming out in your blog. This gave me a good laugh today, thanks Matt. 😉

  • Andrew

    I had just got done dunking my Oreo’s in a glass of milk until I could feel it start dissolving under my fingers when I thought, I want to see if there is anything out there to show the ultimate amount of time to hold an Oreo in milk, when i stumbled upon this site. I tried your method sir, as it only required me to eat an extra Oreo, something that no one would object to, and I found something interesting. To me it seemed the water made the taste of the Oreo more, bold? However, I still think the dunking in milk is the best as the milk may over power a little the taste of the Oreo, the mix of the two flavors together form a concoction I wish was bottled up and sold in stores in a liquid form that I could enjoy sip after sip.

  • Sarty Werflow Astoyo

    My dad has been doing this since the 70s and got our family to do it. It is amazing. I first saw him do it and gagged, then he made me try it and it was like an angel came down and kissed my tongue. It was beautiful.