The New iPhone

It will be available starting June 19. See an overview on the Apple site. Looks excellent! Key improvements include:

  • 2 times faster
  • Built in video camera (finally! — although I know you could take video before if you “unlocked” it)
  • Voice control — play music or place a call by voice
  • Compass
  • Spotlight search so you can search across the whole device (finally)
  • Send photos and videos in your SMS
  • Copy and paste (part of the software update, so it sounds like you have this even if you don’t upgrade the phone)
  • Chris

    Matt- do you consider Apple’s contract with AT&T what is best for them? I have always wondered about the logic of restricting their market to only one carrier.

  • Matt

    From the user perspective, I don’t think Apple’s restriction to AT&T is good, and thus I don’t think it’s ultimately good for Apple, either. There may have been some efficiencies or other such things gained, though, that made it necessary in the short-run. Not sure. Hopefully, the AT&T as the exclusive carrier will come to an end shortly. And I hope the costs of the plans come down, too.

  • Jeremy

    As I understand it, multimedia messaging and spotlight will be part of the 3.0 OS upgrade in addition to the cut, copy and paste function you mentioned above. In reality, other than the faster processing and built-in compass (because of hardware), there’s no reason all of these functions shouldn’t be included in the 3.0 OS upgrade. I’m sure Apple wants to sell more iPhones, but I just don’t feel that there are enough significant upgrades to make the 3G-s worth buying. After all, there just getting around to adding features that the most basic cell phones have had for a while (video, MMS, voice dial). These should have been released as software upgrades now and then save the next iPhone version for more big stuff, like a front mounted camera to allow video calls. Then again, I’m not running the show at Apple, or anywhere for that matter :)