Attracting Talent

A good point from Tom Peters’ Re-Imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age:

To attract, retain, and obtain the most from Awesome Talent, organizations will need to offer up … an Awesome Place to Work: A place where people not only get paid “their due,” but also … get to initiate and execute great things.

Peters then offers up his “Talent 25″ for how to do this (he expands on each of these points; I won’t do that here, but do recommending getting the whole book):

  1. Put people first! (For Real.)
  2. Be obsessed!
  3. Pursue the best!
  4. Weed out the rest!
  5. Focus on intangibles!
  6. Change the profile of HR!
  7. Forge a bold HR strategy!
  8. Take reviews seriously!
  9. Pay up!
  10. Set sky-high standards!
  11. Train! Train! Train!
  12. Cultivate leadership aspirations from the get go!
  13. Foster open communication!
  14. Lead by “winning people over”!
  15. Reward “people skills”!
  16. Show respect!
  17. Embrace the whole individual!
  18. Measure for uniqueness!
  19. Honor youth!
  20. Create opportunities to lead!
  21. Relish diversity!
  22. Liberate women! (There is a talent shortage — do not overlook 50% of the population.)
  23. Celebrate the weird ones!
  24. Provide a setting for adventure!
  25. Revealing the big secret! (Although Malcolm Gladwell might want to nuance this [see his Outliers: The Story of Success], Peters puts it this way: some people are more talented than others in an area, and some are way more talented in that areas.)
  • T. J.

    Great list. It goes against the idea that organizations can take advantage of acquiring great talent at a low price in a bad economic enviroment.