WOW Projects

Tom Peters is well-known as a proponent of doing WOW projects. Here’s how he describes them in Re-Imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age:

The road to success is paved with … WOW Projects. Project: a task that has a beginning and an end, as well as deliverables along the way. WOW Project: one that has “goals and objectives” that inspire.

WOW Projects are:

  • Projects that Matter.
  • Projects that Make a Difference.
  • Projects that you can Brag About … forever. [I really, really, really dislike bragging, but you see the point. Very interesting spin if you interpret this in a God-centered way and take “forever” literally…]
  • Projects that Transform the Enterprise.
  • Projects that Take Your Breath Away.
  • Projects that make you/me/us/”them” Smile.
  • Projects that Highlight the Value that You Add … and Why … You Are Here on Earth. (Yes. That Big.)
  • WOW Projects are … not hype.
  • WOW Projects are … a necessity. (New necessity.)
  • Bryan

    Great commentary on point 3! Wonderful blog post – they are so useful.