Recommended Staplers, Staple Removers, and Tape

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Yes, staplers are still relevant. For example, when most people need to read a longer document, they still prefer to print it out rather than read it on their computer. When you do this, you need to use a stapler.

When it comes to staplers, the key idea is: get one that’s sturdy. A lot of staplers are pretty weak. There is no need to get one of those. I recommend one like the above, which doesn’t feel like its going to fall apart when you use it. These are easy to find at Office Depot or Amazon.

The other rule of staplers is: don’t keep them on your desk. That unnecessarily clutters things up. They work fine in a drawer, even if you use it once a day or more.

Staple Removers

I actually don’t have a recommendation for a specific type here. The only thing I would say is: If you are going to have a stapler, it makes sense to have a staple remover. Store it right by the stapler in the drawer.


For tape I don’t actually have a recommendation, either. And as I mentioned in the introduction, I hardly ever use it. But on the occasions where I do need it, I don’t want to have to go looking for it. Since there’s room for it in the drawer by the stapler, I might as well have it around.

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  • Bryan

    If you have to staple a lot (I go through a sleeve of staples about once a week), you will want to keep it on your desk. And you will want one you don’t have to work when you have to staple thicker stacks of paper together (if you need to do that–some folks get away with binder clips, but if a staple will work, it makes the files a little less bulky).

    Though a little loud, you won’t be getting carpel tunnel with this stapler and it can stand on end or lay flat.