What's Not Best: Charging a Fee to Get a Discount

AT&T has a plan where you can save something like $5 per month on your cell bill if enough people in your company have AT&T for their wireless and enroll in the savings program. Something like that.

So I went on to sign up for the savings the other day, and AT&T charged me $36. They charged me $36 to enroll in a program designed to save money. They charged me a fee in order to get the discount.


A discount program should, at the very least, produce good-will in the customer. This program does the opposite. Now, AT&T is very close to earning a place on my list of things that should not exist.

  • http://ryanlwentzel.com/ Ryan Wentzel

    Once the iPhone is available on other carriers in the US I think AT&T will start treating their customers better, if there any customers left.