• Brian Current

    I wonder if this will help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and other ergonomic issues… or will it create new ones?

    All i know is that my little kids won’t one day enter the workforce having to use all the separate components that we use…pc tower or laptop doc, monitor, mouse and keyboard.

  • LK

    It’s also interesting how the recent release of Google’s Nexus One allows for increased interaction with the phone by using your voice. The trajectory definitely seems to be away from buttons, and there may be ways we haven’t even thought of yet to interact with our technology.

  • Brian Current

    Yea, LK – i’m thinking typing has got to go away one day too. I was reading this article about the hand writing:


    the same would happen to typing as voice commands take over (?). After all, speaking out loud is faster than typing (for most, i think).