What's Not Best: Nutraloaf

This is funny, from a recent issue of Wired. I had no idea that nutraloaf existed:

Could science build a completely nutritious space food? Sure, but it’d be a lot like nutraloaf, a substance served to prisoners in solitary in some states.

It’s so unpalatable that it’s the subject of several lawsuits.

The ingredients are ordinary enough, and Vermont’s version of the recipe (this makes three 1,000 calorie loafs) is balanced for fat, protein, carbs, and vitamins. So how could such a harmony of food and science constitute cruel and unusual punishment? Because it tastes like cardboard, smells like rotten eggs, and looks like baked vomit.

By the way, the ingredients are: whole wheat bread, canned spinach, great northern beans, powdered skim milk, potato flakes, tomato paste, nondairy cheese, raw carrots, seedless raisins, and vegetable oil.

  • FreedbyJC

    Of course they do not like theri “Management Menu” … it’s not what THEY want *** They want their entitlement, their ‘rights’ and their way!*** but their actions are what earned them the opportunity to receive there “Management Menu” or nutraloaf.

    Cruel and unusual?? It is nourishing and it will keep them well nourished … after what they have done [to receive the loaf – not their attendance in whatever facility who holds them] it is what they are entitled to …

  • Brian Current

    i would probably try it, lol. except, tomato paste doesn’t work for me!