9 Ways to Use Evernote

Here’s a post on how one person uses Evernote to manage just about everything. I use Evernote as well, but slightly differently; I’ll post on that down the road if I can. This article is a helpful overview of what you can do with Evernote.

  • http://noelpiper.com Noel

    Matt, have you posted a comparison of Evernote and Bento? If not, would you?

  • Matt

    That’s a good idea. I will do that if I can. The short story, for me, is that I find myself actually using Evernote, because of its flexibility. But I ended up not using Bento much because there was a little more “drag” involved, at least in using it for lists I use every day or so. For less accessed database-type things, like a list of books I’ve read or such, I would recommend Bento over Evernote.