A Child's Perspective

My wife recently posted some pictures off our our 4-year-old’s toy camera (that takes real pictures). She writes:

It is so interesting to see how her little mind works and the types of things that she takes pictures of. Below are a couple of examples. I see her pictures as a type of art, informing us of life through the eyes of a child.

I agree–these pictures are pretty profound, in my opinion (but of course I may be a bit biased!)

  • http://theworldismyparish.wordpress.com Matthew Johnson

    Wow. I have a ton of pictures from my 5 year old’s camara from last year that are almost exactly like the feet on the seat one. Those perspectives are great. What camera is that? Looks like ours is not as quality.

  • Matt

    It’s something like a Fisher Price or Hasbro camera. I’m surprised the pictures look as well as they do! (When they are shown at a bigger size they get pretty blurry.)

    It is really interesting to see things from this perspective!