The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint

Edward Tufte’s The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within is a fantastic — and humorous — article on the abuse of PowerPoint. I highly recommend checking it out.

In it he talks about how PowerPoint is commonly misused, how to use PowerPoint right, how to avoid the boring use of bullet points, and how bad PowerPoint deserves part of the blame for the Challenger space shuttle disaster back in 1985.

The one problem is that the article is not available online for free. However, an abbreviated version called PowerPoint is Evil appeared in Wired a few years ago. It’s worth checking out; and if you’re interested, you can obtain the entire article at Amazon.

  • Rachael Starke

    The badness of PowerPoint was the engine for my career in communications skills training. We’d do entire days on “Death by Slideshow” and how to avoid it. When I’m writing my kids’ checks for college, I will pause and be thankful to God for how He used the badness of PowerPoint to help get them there. :)