• http://www.theblessedbairdbunch.blogspot.com Jonathan Baird

    I love SWA.

  • JC

    Ha ha ha.

  • Luke Carlson

    How timely. I just had a terrible experience with Delta a week ago. I’ll spare you the details but no friends were won with that trip.

  • http://www.coeurdeberger.wordpress.com J. Gary Ellison

    But can you afford the price of a SWA ticket? Two weeks ago, the price Indianapolis-Phoenix was twice that of US Airlines, so my family flew US Airlines. Someone else will have to pay for those cool commercials.

  • http://staffaction.blogspot.com staffaction

    I second that. But we gotta be careful I think. Airlines are incredibly hamstrung by federal regulations causing their operations to be far less than optimal. Another example of the seen and the unseen, and unintended consequences.