Time Leveraging vs. Time Management

Here are a few notes I took a while ago from the Harvard Business Review book Taking Control of Your Time on the concept of time leveraging versus time management:

Two key concepts: Time leveraging and time management. Time leveraging is allocating time to the things that give the greatest return. Time management is about discipline and execution—making sure you aren’t wasting your time and that you are following your plan.

You have to have a vision of how you want to spend your time. This vision has to have a clear view of priorities.

Leveraging time is a strategy of using time in an intelligent way to pursue your most important goals. Managing time is the day-to-day process you use to leverage the time—the scheduling, to-do lists, delegating, and other systems. Without the strategy, time management won’t necessarily help you achieve your goals.

Leverage: Taking the smallest action that will yield the largest result.

Goal is first effectiveness, not efficiency.

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  • http://www.brianbarela.typepad.com Brian Barela

    great post matt.

    in ministry i see two contending philosophies of time play out: “i have to do” versus “i want/get to do”

    “i want/get to” is much harder but so much more rewarding and enjoyable.

    it requires all the things you mentioned above in your post.

  • Benita

    Still confused. A few examples might help, if you don’t mind explaining

  • Mark Lester Gebauer

    Yep, in short, in order for you to succeed in leveraging time you should follow your time management plan. Am I right or am I right?