Management as Ministry

Patrick Lencioni:

I have always thought it was a shame that more people don’t go into “giving” professions. In fact, I have occasionally felt pangs of guilt that I didn’t choose a career that was completely focused on serving others. I have deep admiration for dedicated and hard-working clergy, social workers, or missionaries, and I wonder why I haven’t abandoned my career and moved into one of those kinds of jobs.

While I have not completely abandoned the idea of one day doing that, I have come to the realization that all managers can–and really should–view their work as a ministry. A service to others.

By helping people find fulfillment in their work, and helping them succeed in whatever they’re doing, a manager can have a profound impact on the emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual health of workers and their families. They can also create an environment where employees do the same for their peers, giving them a sort of ministry all their own. All of which is nothing short of a gift from God.

(From The Three Signs of a Miserable Job.)

  • Jennie Pakula

    What an amazingly helpful statement. I have been in a management role for nearly 12 months now, and have found it very similar to my past role as a pastor’s wife (I hasten to say, I’m still his wife, he’s no longer a pastor!)

    Thank you for your very helpful website.