Drucker: Management is a Liberal Art, Directed Toward Effectiveness

This is a very good insight, from The Essential Drucker:

Management is deeply involved in moral concerns—the nature of man, good and evil. Management is thus what tradition used to call a liberal art. Managers draw on all the knowledge and insights of the humanities and the social sciences—on psychology and philosophy, on economics and history, on ethics—as well as on the physical sciences. But they have to focus this knowledge on effectiveness and results—on healing a sick patient, teaching a student, building a bridge, designing and selling a user friendly software program. For these reasons, management will increasingly be the discipline and the practice through which the humanities will again acquire recognition, impact, and relevance.

  • http://budurl.com/jhcj Kirstine Vergara

    Management should be have the motivation to become a catalyst that spurns employees’ eagerness to work without pressure. Management should be able to bring to one’s feet to act either positively or negatively. Aligning the organization’s goals with the employee’s goals can fire them up to work harder. Aside from being the one who knows better, I think that the management’s key role is to motivate.

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