Seminar at the DG National Conference

If anyone is going to be at the DG Conference this weekend, I’ll be doing a seminar on how the gospel gives us a new way to look at productivity and new reasons to care about productivity. Looks like I’ll be giving the seminar twice, at 1:00 and 3:00 on Friday (tomorrow) afternoon.

I’d love to meet anyone who is going to be there, so feel free to stop up after and say hi!

Also: I enjoy really, really hard questions. So come with the most challenging questions you have and I’ll be happy to give them my best shot.

  • Trevor M.

    Hmm…you might have to convince me further to come to your talk! There are other compelling speakers there as well…

    Nah, I will definitely see ya there! Checking out Kevin DeYoung’s seminar as well. I’m not sure who will be my final pick.

    I’ll try and stump ya!

  • Mark McD

    You are my first seminar choice Matt….I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to meeting you.

  • Andrew

    I’ll be there. I’m looking forward to it. I listened to the interview you did on the Connected Kingdom podcast. I suspect some of those themes will make their way into tomorrow’s seminar.

  • Steve J

    I enjoyed your seminar on Friday. As a 20+ year business person in middle management at a large company, I was re-inspired to take seriously trying to improve productivity in my work and that of my team, using the holistic definition of productivity you discussed. I also look forward to reading some of the material you have posted here. Thanks.

  • Dani Swope

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your presentation on the gospel & how it sharpens our focus onto productivity that lines up with the Kingdom and God’s sovereignty. I meant to e-mail you right after the conference, but as I mentioned after you spoke – I’m in the midst of raising two kids. Please include a chapter in your book on teaching our kids to be wise in their productivity & zealous for good works, as the Lord directs their paths.

    In His Grip,

    Dani Swope

  • James Taylor

    Hi Matt,

    Was this seminar recorded and is it available online anywhere? I can’t see it on the DG media page for the 2010 conference, but would really love to listen to it if you’re able to make it available.

    Many thanks,
    James Taylor

  • Matt

    There was unfortunately a technical error, and so the audio was not captured. I might do it again at church, and then post the audio from that.

  • James Taylor

    Matt, thanks for letting me know. Would love to listen to it if you do present the seminar again and are able to record it.