A Model for Helping Those in Great Need

Fantastic. Here is the mission, vision, and philosophy of ministry for a mercy ministry that just started at my church:


The seventeen-mile rugged descending road from Jerusalem to Jericho is the setting for the Good Samaritan to display mercy and restoration to a beat-up man and robbed stranger. Jesus tells us to go and do likewise. Luke 10:35-35

It is not enough to bandage the wounds of the beaten up man. It is necessary to give him a donkey ride to the inn in Jericho so that he can be fully restored.

“From crisis to Christ-centered restoration.”


To meet the basic needs of the hungry, homeless, and unemployed while teaching life skills that will lead them to be community minded and part of a Christ-centered church.

Philosophy of Ministry

It is a privilege and honor, not a sacrifice, to serve the low income/no income persons in a Christ-like way.

Ministry Programs

We will be there for a person’s crisis. But, far beyond just crisis food and financial response, we want people to be restored. This will happen through the following development programs . . .

Here are two reasons why I’m so enthusiastic about this. First, it affirms the need to not only meet immediate needs, but also to teach life skills and restore people so they can become self-sustaining. Second, though this is not easy, they see this as a privilege, not a sacrifice.

I commend this as an example of a mercy ministry founded in good thinking (and good theology) regarding relief and restoration for those in great need.

  • Kent


    Where can we go to see the rest of the document. Very interested in what your church has done.


  • Matt


    Here’s their site: http://www.jerichoroad.us/. Unfortunately, it looks like it doesn’t have the full contents of the brochure that I transcribed part of above. But hopefully it’s still helpful for you.