Help 500 Children in the Developing World for $25

I saw this on Food for the Hungry’s Twitter feed the other day. What a great opportunity: For $25, you can provide medication and everything else necessary to deworm 500 children who have been infected with parasites due to poor sanitation.

Here’s the description on their site:

In the areas we go, dirty water, lack of sanitation and poor hygiene result in almost every child being infected with parasites. Malnutrition and even death can result. The good news is — on average, it costs about a nickel to deworm 1 child. Treatment keeps a child healthy for 6 months or until clean water and sanitation become available.

There is no reason not to do this. For a very small gift, you are able to make a very large impact in the lives of a large number of people. If you can, up your donation to 100 and help 2,000 people.

  • Wendy M

    Matt, thanks for highlighting our gift catalog. Deworming is an example of a small action that can have a huge outcome.

    It’s also an example of an action that, on its own, does very little. If deworming is the only action taken in an affected community, the worms come right back.

    The power in our deworming program is that it’s accompanied by programs that address the root causes of intestinal worms: water, sanitation, hygiene, and ultimately poverty.

    With these programs in place, donors can trust that their gift of deworming children is truly helping to solve the problem.

    God bless your heart to spread the word about solutions to poverty, Matt. Merry Christmas.

  • Matt


    Fantastic and well said. You are exactly right and I am very glad Food for the Hungry addresses the root problems as well and has the programs and infrastructure in place to do so.