Michael Hyatt on the Kindle Fire

After about 21 days of using the Kindle Fire myself, I am in agreement with Michael Hyatt’s very  helpful, non-technical review.

Here’s his conclusion:

Overall, the Kindle Fire is no iPad killer. If you can afford the iPad, I’d buy that instead. It is just much more polished and, with so many available apps, can do so much more.

However, if your primary goal is media consumption at an outstanding price, you won’t go wrong with a Kindle Fire. With Amazon’s backing, it will only improve with time.

I agree with this: the main reason to get a Kindle Fire would be price. If that’s your goal, it’s a good device.

And I would add one more suggestion: At this point in time, price should not be a factor in choosing electronic devices. We are at a stage in history right now where the benefits of a truly exceptional device (such as the iPad) far, far outweigh the price difference between those devices and the lower priced attempts.

Additionally, the benefits of an iPad, iPhone, and so forth go far beyond the actual things you can do with the devices. The primary benefits are in how they affect your thinking, helping you see what’s possible and what’s next and how technology can be utilized to do good to the greatest possible extent. You cut yourself off from the fullness of those benefits when you go with budget models, and for a few hundred dollars savings, it’s not worth it.

Save money in other areas. Seeking to save money in technology is not worth the price.

  • http://www.juliansabroad.com Dan

    However, it seems that most people w/ iPads treat them as mere consumption devices and generally fail to accomplish anything productive on them.

  • Matt


    I would want to say that the act of consuming is often itself productive, because what we read and learn and interact with builds us up and enables us to contribute more effectively overall. And even apart from that interacting with the device helps us keep up to date with what’s happening so our thinking is in alignment with how to best use technology for good, even if that happens unconsciously.