• Bo

    I work for a non profit and would be happy to take an iphone 4 (or 3 for that matter) off someone’s hands if they want to donate (:

  • Matt

    Done. Email me your address through the contact form, and I’ll send you mine.

  • http://www.CashInYourMac.com Justyn

    You can get top dollar for your Used & Broken Apple Products at CashInYourMac.com

  • http://www.techtwurl.com Roger

    From my experience most of these sites give low prices, however, it seems that http://www.techtwurl.com has the highest prices amongst the websites listed above.

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  • copeland lee

    Warning from CNET: iPhone “Restore” does not delete personal data!

    Then no matter where selling your iPhone, you must erase all personal data. watch this video: