How Can God's War Against Satan be a "Real War" if God is Omnipotent?

It can sometimes be hard to see how God’s war against evil and Satan is a “real war,” given that evil is clearly outmatched (since God is omnipotent). It’s like when I wrestle with my two-year-old: there’s no way he can win.

And, of course, there is indeed no way evil can win. But it’s still a real war. And here’s why:

Satan cheats, and God doesn’t.

In terms of power, there is no comparison between God and Satan. God is infinitely more powerful. But Satan lies, cheats, steals, and uses all manner of under-handed tactics against God. And yet God still wins.

This displays the extent of God’s wisdom and the beauty of his character in his victory over Satan.

The war, in other words, is about much more than power. It’s about whether righteousness can succeed on its own terms, on the basis of unflinching character and justice. And God shows decisively that the answer is yes.


  • Dave

    I sometimes wonder about this very topic. Does Satan actually believe he can win? Or is he simply raging against God out of spite and hatred?

    In the end I think the rage and hatred blind him and fool him into thinking he has a chance.

  • Loren Pinilis

    Wow, that’s a fascinating point.
    God displays not only his power but also his holiness in his methods used to battle evil. God uses truth, while Satan uses deception.
    Like a martial arts expert who defeats people who try to sucker punch him.

  • Don

    A simple explanation… It all boils down to Satan being able to accuse those who fail to keep the law of God. If God is righteous, then he MUST punish sin. Satan has a claim on those who fail to keep the law, and he is doing everything he can to take people with him into the abyss that has been prepared for him. But God, in His infinate wisdom, has provided a way out. He sent His beloved Son to pay for the sins of those who put there full faith and trust in Christ’s works of righteousness, not our works.

  • Chris @ PrayBuddy

    @Dave – I wonder the same thing. Does Satan truly believe that he stands a chance? He apparently knows scripture enough to distort it. Does he truly believe his own distortions???