Multiplying Our Productivity Through Effective Biblical Leadership

For anyone who is going to be in or around the Twin Cities this weekend, you’re invited to attend a leadership seminar I’ll be teaching at my church, Bethlehem Baptist, this Friday night and Saturday morning.

The title of the seminar is Multiplying Our Productivity Through Effective Biblical Leadership. There will be a special emphasis for those leading Short Term Mission trips this year.

Seminar Outline

  1. Why we need to care—greatly—about leadership in the church
  2. Can there even be a Christian view on leadership? Or, how do you keep from infecting the church with the “managerial model?”
  3. What is the essence of effective biblical leadership? Or, what are the two core principles at the heart of good leadership?
  4. How do you lead well? 8 things you can start doing right now
  5. Leadership and global missions

Event Details

Location: Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown, Rm 203
Date & Time: Friday January 27 7:00–9:00pm, Saturday January 28 9:00am–Noon

All are welcome! If you plan to attend, you can RSVP to Tina Lowe at

  • Kirill

    Is there any chance that this seminar will be available online (audio or video)?

  • Rachael Starke

    General question, even though I won’t be in the right geography to attend –

    Will your discussion around a Christian theology of leadership touch on gender roles and whether women should be permitted or encouraged to pursue any kind of leadership role, whether in para church organizations, short term missions trips, etc.

  • Esther

    Would love to get this on audio. Loving your insights! Thank you.

  • Matt

    Kirill and Esther: I am pretty sure it is being recorded, and I will definitely seek to post it online.

    Rachael: Great question. I don’t plan on addressing that, though it could easily come up because I plan on allowing lots of time for questions. My thoughts there are complementarian and generally in line with Piper.

    While I don’t believe women are to be elders in the church, I believe the focus should be on what women can do, and that women should be greatly encouraged to pursue every (other) leadership role. I would see leading a short-term mission trip as analogous to a deacon role, and thus biblical, and I see it the same way in regard to leading a department in a para-church organization or in a church (while DG, for example, doesn’t have any women directors, it would be fine and great; at Bethlehem, many women are on staff and there are women with important levels of leadership responsibility).

    I know the issue of biblical manhood and womanhood can be divisive in the church; I wish it wasn’t. I believe in partnering with and rejoicing in the ministry of churches and organizations that love Jesus, are orthodox in their beliefs, but are not complementarian.


  • Rob

    You answered my question about audio, as I was reading your post.

    I have another question though, will your curriculum materials be available for download, as well?

  • Matt


    I won’t have the curriculum materials available for download, but I hope to be posting the audio here very soon.

  • Rob

    Thanks, Matt. Appreciate your faithful service.