Syncing 1Password Across All Your Devices Through the Cloud

If you have 1Password and haven’t set it up to sync through Dropbox already, it is well worth doing. Instead of having to remember to sync your iPhone and iPad versions of 1Password with your Mac manually through WiFi, you can move your data file into Dropbox so that all your devices stay in sync automatically.

Here’s a very simple, easy-to-follow guide for setting it up.

  • staffaction

    Yes, I heartily recommend this app.

  • Duncan

    One note: Dropbox changed their policy a while back to clearly state any data your put on your account was owned by them…

    I love dropbox use it all the time but i will not put anything “private” on it due to this change in their policy… even if the file is encrypted by me first…

  • Duncan

    looking to find the link to articles where their ownership was posted – it appears they backed off on that claim..

    The TOS no longer claims they own it – that was good to see… and they claim to only turn your data over to others if you give permission…

    Thanks for the post and getting me to double check the TOS…

  • Matt

    Thanks for looking into that. I love Dropbox, but that would definitely be a defeater for me if they claimed ownership of anything I stored in Dropbox.

    And what an odd notion that is also, I would argue, unethical. The data cannot simply become the property of a cloud service simply because you store it there — any more than my computer becomes my neighbor’s property simply because I take it with me to his house. Glad they backed down on that.