Great Apps to Check Out for Getting Things Done

Apple has brought together a helpful collection of some of the best apps for getting things done:

What I use:

  • Keeping track of notes/ideas: Evernote
  • Capturing quick notes when Evernote feels too cumbersome: Apple Notes (native on the iPhone and iPad — super easy to use)
  • Calendar: iCal (native on the iPhone and iPad)
  • Action and project lists: OmniFocus or Things
  • Action lists, as a helpful supplement: Reminders (native on the iPhone and iPad)

And worth taking a closer look at:

  • Things (I used this for a time)
  • Remember the Milk
  • Do it (Tomorrow): Looks interesting
  • Calvetica Calendar: Looks intriguing
  • PlainText: Looks as simple as Apple’s Notes app, with the added benefit that you can actually organize things
  • MindNode: For mindmapping. Currently I use MindJet MindManager
  • Nate Claiborne

    Do you have any experience with Wunderlist? I’m just starting to try it out. I’ve been using Things predominantly, but since I don’t have a Mac, I can’t sync between phone and pc.

  • Dan

    The best is Toodledo. Available as an iOS app, with a ridiculously customizable online UI, I found it to beat out RTM and Things hands-down.

    Fair Warning: My initial response to the online interface was “Wut?” Gave it a try, though, and found it indispensable.

  • Jared

    If only Things would pick up the pace on their sync service. If OmniFocus were not so expensive I would have made the switch already.

  • Matt

    Nate: I’ve tested Wunderlist a bit and saw some potential. Could have easily included it above. I found I wasn’t ultimately satisfied with it, but again, seemed like it did have potential.

    Dan: Yes, Toodledo is awesome and gives massive flexibility. Could have easily mentioned that also. If OmniFocus didn’t do what I need, I’d probably use that.

    Jared: Amen re the Things sync. That’s why I switched back to OF, and I’m glad I did. Plus, it felt like they just kept giving excuse on their blog for the delay an complained about how hard it was to do.

  • Roger Healey

    I’m with Dan. My wife and I use Toodledo, and we coordinate tasks on it for the household as well as using it for professional purposes. It has some start-up costs (it takes some time to set it up the way you want) but now I don’t want to give it up. A colleague keeps trying to get me to switch to “Remember the Milk” and I took a look at it but I don’t want to switch.

  • Joe

    Dito on Toodledo. I also use Task Unifier in combination with toodledo, which is unbelievably helpful at sorting my work tasks.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I have been using Workflowy for the past week, along with my team. We are all really impressed with how simple yet powerful it is. It works more like we think.

    I am not sure yet what it will mean for my workflow. I think I will still use Evernote for storing documents, receipts, and web clips, but Workflowy could well replace my task management system.

  • Andrew

    I’ve been having trouble with Wunderlist – not getting the push notifications that I specify. I don’t know where the trouble lies, though, so not sure where to start asking for help.

    Also, no repeating tasks is a right pain!

  • Matt

    Michael: Thanks for the tip on Workflowy. I’m checking that out — really intriguing. I think I would conceive of its relation to Evernote in the same way you are thinking — Workflowy for task management, Evernote for reference and information.

  • Trent

    Resurrecting this post! Been looking long and hard for a good app/online project management tool and have discovered Trello is awesome. For small action lists, I’m starting to use Orchestra. I like the ability to assign tasks to friends and family who don’t even use the app and still keep track of it.

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