• Jack III

    If that’s the case, and Jesus was born closer to 6 BC (as most modern scholars seems to agree), that would have made him around 39 when he died. Why then do so many continue to insist that Jesus was 30 when he started his ministry, and 33 when he died? Do we have any historical foundation for such an assertion?

  • Matt


    There are some scholars who hold to a crucifixion date of AD 30, which would have made Jesus about 33-34 when he died. However, I think, following the ESV Study Bible, that the best evidence is for the AD 33 date.

    Jesus was likely born in 5 or 4 BC, and his ministry likely began in 30 AD. Since there was no year zero, this puts him at 33 or 34 when he began his ministry. This is consistent with Luke 3:23, which says Jesus was “about thirty years of age.” A three-year ministry, then, puts the crucifixion at 33 AD, and thus Jesus was likely 37 or 38 when he died.

    For more on this, see the article “The Date of Jesus’ Crucifixion” in the ESV Study Bible (located among the articles found at the beginning of the NT).