Subversive Kingdom: Rebelling Against the Rebellion

I’m very much looking forward to reading Ed Stetzer’s forthcoming book Subversive Kingdom: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation. Here’s a quick summary, which is what gets me excited about the book (along with the fact that it is by Ed Stetzer):

How would our culture change if the entire Christian community started actively, intentionally living out the gospel: a rebellion against the rebellion….

Stetzer says radically giving of one’s self through word and deed is how Christ intended Christians to rebel against the darkness of the world and live on mission….

The world is a dark, evil and broken place e. But for those who believe Christ will return, it is not just a world to endure, but one to invade. Stetzer writes that believers have not been stationed on earth to merely subsist, but to actively subvert the enemy’s attempts at blinding people in unbelief and burying them under heartbreaking loads of human need. Subversive Kingdom is about rescuing lives, changing assumptions and subverting a world that is perpetually darkening — all by actively engaging with God to advance his redemptive purposes.

And, here’s a great quote from Stetzer:

“The kingdom is far more incredible, surprising, challenging and adventurous than most Christians could ever imagine. It is time for believers to see things differently, to see the kingdom for what it really is.