Every Member … Mercy Ministry?

A good observation by Tim Keller in his book Ministries of Mercy:

We have done a good job of teaching that every believer is a minister and to be a witness. But we haven’t done a good job of teaching that every Christian is to be engaged in mercy ministries. We have almost completely ceded this work to secular agencies and authorities.

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  • J.A.S.

    Is this quote true? Didn’t the apostles in Jerusalem say it wouldn’t be right for them to give up their teaching, prayer, etc. ministry to serve tables, and so they appointed deacons? Wouldn’t you say that while Paul did collect an offering for the Jerusalem church that he was primarily, and often completely, focused on word ministries instead of service/mercy ministries, unless you include the most merciful of all acts (proclaiming the Gospel) as a mercy ministry. In a sense, we might be arguing from silence either way. The above and the description of elders all seem to suggest that different giftings/callings exist in the church and not everyone does everything, hence, the arm does what an arm does, and so the mouth, the hands, the ear, etc. I think the Keller statement above argues that each believer is to be as diverse as the entire church is called to be which isn’t helpful in my mind.