Come to the Gospel at Work Conference This Weekend

One of the most important conferences of the year is happening this Friday and Saturday at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The conference is The Gospel at Work, and it’s about helping Christians live extraordinary, gospel-centered, faith-filled, fruit-bearing lives in their workplaces.

The reason it’s one of the most important is because the subject of faith and work goes to the very heart of the biblical vision for how Christians transform their communities, cities, and the world. Yet there are almost no conferences and hardly any (good) books on this subject (with some very notable exceptions, of course, including some excellent recent books I hope to blog on in the near future).

The Gospel at Work conference is a great way to be encouraged, connect with other believers also interested in how the gospel relates to our work, learn more about the biblical vision of how our faith and work relate, and gain some helpful practical tips as well.


Speakers include:

  • Os Guinness: Work As Calling
  • Mark Dever: Work as Worship
  • Bob Doll: Work as Discipleship
  • Eric Simmons: Work as Faithfulness
  • Michael Lawrence: Theology of Work

My Seminar

And, I will be doing a breakout session on productivity and the gospel. My chief thesis is that the key to productivity in the workplace is highly counterintuitive and surprising — namely, to pursue the good of others before yourself.

In other words, the Golden Rule applies not just in our personal lives, but also in our work lives. Very often we think that we are to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” at church and in our personal lives, but that our work lives are to play by different rules. I’m going to argue that this is an unbiblical dichotomy. We are to put others first both in our personal lives and in our work lives. This is not about hijaking a true biblical principle and forcing it into an out of context reality for our own ends. Rather, it is the right and biblical thing to do. It is the way we ought to treat people because they are in the image of God.

Further, and counterintuitively, the best business thinking is showing that this is what actually leads to the greatest effectiveness in your work and for your organization.

Here’s another way to put it. What does it mean to make God supreme in your work? The chief and first thing it means is to seek the good of others by putting them before yourself in your work itself. This gives great meaning to our work no matter what we are doing, is an essential implication of what it means to love God, and, paradoxically, leads to the greatest effectiveness.


Standard registration ended yesterday, but you can still register at the door.

Would be great to see you there!

  • Bryan

    Matt–do you know if they’ll be recording the audio for these sessions? Can’t make it but would love the content I’m sure.

  • Sebastian

    Bryan – Yes, we’ll be recording all the sessions and making them available online in the future.


  • KH

    Any word on that content from the Gospel at Work Conference? Where can we find it?

  • KH

    Wonderful, thank you and thanks to the team for providing these resources