Four Principles of Biblical Leadership

Here are four principles of leadership we see in Matthew 20:25-28, Matthew 23:8-11 (note: that text is on leadership!), and 1 Peter 5:1-5:

  1. Leaders are not an elite class with special privileges (that’s Matthew 23:8-11).
  2. Leaders should not see themselves as privileged or entitled.
  3. Leaders should not use their power for personal enrichment or to unfairly maintain their power.
  4. Leaders are not to approach people from above, as a virtuoso. Instead, they are to take a position alongside, as a fellow traveler, a partner sharing the same burdens. They look across at others, not down. (Note Peter’s approach in 1 Peter 5:1-4.)
  • Wendy McMahan

    Thanks for the reminder. How different Jesus’ call is from the world’s!

  • Inchristus

    Good post. If interested, see my essay Follow the Leader: Gleanings from Jesus’ Leadership.

  • Joseph Lalonde

    If only more leaders could grasp points 1 and 2 we’d see world class leaders making a real difference.

  • Rev Prince Ohioma Sunday

    This an inspiring teaching.