Google Reader Alternatives

With Google Reader shutting down on July 1, here are the best alternatives in my view.

If you read this blog by RSS, thanks for subscribing and don’t let the Google Reader shut-down get in your way with keeping up! So here’s some info on how to make the switch to a good Google Reader replacement.


It is super easy to switch to feedly. It easily transfers all of your Google Reader feeds, and the interface is very similar to Google Reader. Just go to the feedly site and it should be self-explanatory.


Digg has also launched a new reader that looks like it has a lot of potential. It looks like they are adding users in batches, so if you enter your email they will notify you when they are ready to add you.

Here’s more info on the Digg Reader.

General Info

And here’s a very helpful article from Tech Crunch giving an overview of Feedly and Digg Reader and some other alternatives.


  • Katherine

    I am so so so sad…Google Reader used to be my library of good/useful content because I could tag posts and categorize them for future reference. And now all of that is GONE. I can keep my subscriptions, but that feels SO incomplete…

    Do you know if Feedly or Digg offer this feature? I’m completely at loss :(

    I don’t like you so much anymore, Google :'(

  • Matt

    I agree that Google has made a horrible choice here!

    In regard to these specific features, which I agree are really useful, I don’t know if they are available in Feedly or Digg. However, if they aren’t available now, I bet they eventually will be. I know Digg especially is committed to eventually making their reader better than Google’s (that would be great; we’ll see!).

  • Cosmin

    For news reading, you can use, it’s highly visual and you can select which sites to keep up with.