The Best iPad Case I've Found So Far

Finding a good iPad case has been quite a challenge for me. I don’t tend to like Apple’s overly minimalistic smart covers. On the other hand, many cases overdo it.

However, I found out the hard way that it is very important to have a good case. Last fall I bought a new case, only to discover a few months later that the thing that holds the iPad into the case was not very durable. As a result, it quickly broke and my iPad would no longer stay in the case.

So I decided to go without a case, at least for a while. Would you believe that shortly thereafter my screen cracked from falling — of all places — off the side of my bed? It hit the bed frame just wrong and cracked right in the corner.

This was frustrating. It is also an example of actually doing good quality work and creating products (in this case, iPad cases) with good design. Sure this was my fault. However, the fact that it is so hard to find a decent iPad case was a major contributor to the situation. If the case I had obtained hadn’t broken so quickly, for example, this likely wouldn’t have happened.

A poor quality product, in other words, caused harm to come to another product. This is annoying.

I’ve finally found an iPad case that I like, and the interior-thing that holds the iPad in place seems to be based upon a new design that looks robust and relatively unobtrusive. I think they may have hit the mark here. Here’s the case:

And, if you prefer a case that is able to hold business cards, this one looks good:

  • Brant

    I was waiting for your recommendation for Ipad covers, but it was blank…? Why did it not show?