The Difference Between a Christian and Non-Christian

Very well said by Mark Dever in The Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel (note: this might be slightly paraphrased, because it’s from my notes and I don’t have the actual copy of the book with me right now):

The difference between Christians and non-Christians is not that non-Christians sins whereas Christians don’t. The difference is found in what side we take in the battle. Christians take God’s side against sin, whereas non-Christians take sin’s side against God.

A Christian will sin, but turn to God again and his word and say “help me fight my sin.” A non-Christian, even if he recognizes his sin, effectively responds, “I want my sin more than God.”

  • John Power

    Thanks for posting this, Matt. I glanced at it last night, and then as I was wrapping up my sermon on Ruth 1 for today I remembered it. I am making the point that our holiness can serve to be attraction to Christ and the gospel, which is the opposite of Naomi, I think. It seems that Ruth was attracted to Yahweh in part despite Naomi! Anyway, I think this quote will serve to illustrate well what holiness is, that it’s not perfection but distinction. Thanks!