What's Best Next Has Broken into the Top 500 at Amazon

It is amazing to watch this and see so many people talking about the book on Twitter, their blogs, and Facebook. Thank you to everyone and keep it going!

Having broken into the top 500 at Amazon, I wonder if we can break past the #250 mark, or higher.

Certainly it’s not the numbers that matter, but this is a way of exposing the book to people who would not otherwise know about it.

So if you haven’t picked up your copy of the book, today would be a good day to grab your copy at Amazon or WTSBooks, and tell a friend about the book.

Update: Amazingly, we reached this goal and the book made it up to #244 last night.


  • Jordan

    Hi Matt, read the intro and 1st chapter last night. Good book! I shared it on linked in as a status update so that’s one idea for people wanting to publicize it better.