The Traditional View of Productivity vs. Gospel-Driven Productivity

Traditional View (TV): Do more in less time.
Gospel-Driven Productivity (GDP): Do the right things, and you can care a lot less about efficiency.

TV: Use the right techniques.
GDP: Be the right kind of person. Then, use smart techniques.

TV: Seek peace of mind and fulfillment.
GDP: Seek to do good for others first, and make a contribution. Peace and fulfillment will follow (and so will suffering!—but of a different kind).

TV: Minimize work and maximize money.
GDP: Do hard things and find joy in your work as a fulfillment of your calling. Maximize meaning, not money.

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  • Carey Green

    Hey Matt… great points. So great in fact, I’d like to ask your permission to include them, in their entirety, in a new book I’m writing on the topic of productivity for Christians. What do you think? Full credit to you will be given in the book, of course.

    • Matt Perman

      That sounds great! Go ahead.

      That’s also great to hear that you are writing a book on productivity for Christians. Would love to hear more about it. What’s the title?

      • Carey Green

        I don’t have a title picked out yet. I’m just concentrating on getting the book finished right now. I just see too many ways we Christians either A) Don’t take time management and productivity seriously enough, or B) Buy into the present philosophies without considering them biblically. It’s been a fun process. If you’d like a copy when I’m done, I’m happy to send one along to you.

        • Matt Perman

          I’d love a copy when you’re done. Send me a note through the contact form on the blog when you’re done, and my assistant can send you my address (or email, if you prefer to send an electronic copy).

          • Carey Green

            It will probably be a Kindle version… I should have it finished within the next few months.

          • Matt Perman


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  • Robert Lee

    My wife and I are reading through your book together and it has been most beneficial, so much so that we want to share it with as many people as possible. Have you considered making a small group curriculum similar to the “Gospel Centered Life”?

    • Matt Perman


      That is really great to hear! Thanks so much for your desire to share it with as many people as possible.

      A small group curriculum is a great idea. I’ve pondered that idea bit, and now will give it more consideration. I’ve passed this idea on to my publisher as well. Thanks so much for the idea.


      • Robert Lee

        Awesome! I’m looking forward to see how this message will change the landscape of our perspective on productivity and bear much fruit for the kingdom of God. May it accomplish more things then you could ever fathom, all for the good of all people, to the glory of God.