About Matt Perman

Matt is an author, speaker, and consultant eager to help you do work that matters, and do it better. More than that, he wants to help you do your work and influence the culture in a gospel-centered way. This means having grace and the good of others at the core of everything you doincluding the way you work.

Matt is the author of What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Changes the Way You Get Things Done (Zondervan, 2014). He also wrote the short ebook How to Set Up Your Desk as a guide to fixing a (surprisingly) overlooked productivity problem.

With an M.Div. from Southern Seminary and experience leading, managing, and consulting with churches and organizations, Matt started What’s Best Next to equip Christians theologically and practically.

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About the Website

At WhatsBestNext.com, you’ll find resources and training on productivity, leadership, theology, and culture. Our ultimate aim is to equip the church in the world of work.

One of the distinctives you will find here is that we try to approach everything from a theological perspective. The Bible actually has a lot to say about how we go about our work, productivity, and leadership. This vision is inspiring and empowering. And, contrary to the common stereotype, it is not superficial or about tacking irrelevant Bible passages on to well worn secular ideas.

Theology matters because it fuels worship and is the essential foundation for all practice as Christians. But simply understanding theology is not enough. We also must apply what we know. Further, it’s not enough to simply try to do good, to make our organizations and communities better, to build others up. We need to know the best ways to actually accomplish those things. Understanding productivity and leadership helps us do that.

So productivity and leadership are not ends in themselves; they are means of doing good for others. Everything we do as Christians needs to be understood in that light: as a means of serving others and putting them first, not ourselves. This perspective changes the way you think about everything.

Core Values

  • Gospel-centered: God accepts us in Christ apart from works. Ironically, the only way to excel in good works (which is true productivity!) is to realize that God accepts us apart from works.
  • God-centered: God, not us, is at the center of everything. But our pursuit of joy is not at odds with the centrality of God; rather, God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.
  • Theological: Theology matters and is the foundation of Christian practice and worship.
  • Practical: As Christians we are to think theologically about all of life for the sake of love.

A Few Foundational Resources